Smart Contract Audit and Solidity Check

The rapidly growing enterprise DeFi market has exploded and a whole new wave of teams have decided to participate in the DeFi and dApps market segment. The need for auditing, verifcation and assurance is key and has never been more important. With many auditing services available on the market projects might be confused which company is able to fullfill their needs. It is not always possible to rely on automated nor manual smart contract analyses. We realised that there is a huge gap in the market, our Smart Contract Scan Tool retrieves more data and knowledge about Smart Contracts than our competitors.

Audit SC Guarantees that every smart contract that has been audited has gone through both automated Smart Contract Scanner Softwares and is manually verified by one of our highly experienced smart contract experts.


Smart Contract Audit

Combine different techniques and manual tests such as static analysis and manually executed verification for simple and advanced smart contracts.

Team KYCT Verification

The most reliable Team KYCT Verification service that guarantees crypto enthousiasts that the team is verified to the staff of Audit SC. Identify your project to the world.

Project Monitor Page

Designed to improve market check-up performance. Validating certain core aspects that are important to determine if a project is legit or not.


Our Scanning system is revolutionair and will make a huge impact for cryptocurrency projects when it comes to analysing smart contract code & web3 development structure.

The Audit SC Smart Contract Monitoring tool provides companies, projects and developers with the ability to further analyze.

Audit SC introduces a powerful solution for on-chain smart contract & web3 security monitoring and data insights.

A comprehensive security assessment is essential. Your smart contract and blockchain code is used by people all over the world. Identifying vulnerabilities and finding out how to fix them is essential.

General Questions About AUDIT SC

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A smart contract audit is an extensive methodical examination and analysis of a smart contract's code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain.

This process is conducted to discover errors, issues and security vulnerabilities in the code in order to suggest improvements and ways to fix them.

We perform manual line by line contract review, the reviewal process is extensive and thorough. Check out our auditing methodology to learn more.

We provide one free audit re-assessment after you fix the recommended vulnerabilities. We can provide extra assessments with discounted rates if needed.

Generally the audit gets published publicly on our platform e.g. interfi website, github to provide transparency and trust. You can publish the audit result wherever you wish. The published audit result must not be altered in any way.

Our audits are thorough yet affordable. Our pricing depends on the urgency of the audit and the complication of your contract.You can pay with BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT, etc.

With smart contract audit, we also provide, doxxed team verification

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