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Why AUDIT-SC has to be your partner

AUDIT-SC are top level pioneers in blockchain security, smart contract analyzing and utilizing highly intelligent AI Technology. We secure, monitor, and improve blockchain protocol standards by ensuring that we evaluate every function that exist within smart a smart contract. AUDIT-SC applies cutting-edge solutions and ensures a critical auditing service that aims to provide a total solution and a correct outcome.

Procedure of listing

Why do investors value kyct confirmation?

With so many scammers, rug pulls and quick cash schemes there is a growing demand for professional kyct confirmation service desks that validate the person and project ownership. 

Especially the DeFi sector is a disaster at times were fraudulent projects realise huge turn overs and legitim project owners fail to gain trust from their followers base. 

Should we acquire a situation were we detect malicious actions from the KYCT’ed applicants than we will support and share information with legal entities, governments or fraud helpdesk department and victims. 

Teams that are willing to go fully public including every individual that is part of the core team will receive a full compliant kyct certification badge, other projects will receive a standard kyct certification badge.

Projects that are kyct confirmed by audit.sc are placed and monitored on the audit.sc website. Our team members and experts will keep an eye out on the projects that have received a kyct confirmation. Any suspicious behavior that is noticed will be obtained and should we believe there is a reason to take action then we will step in.