Destiny Project Smart Contracts Audit Review

Reviewed and audited by AUDIT-SC

Smart contracts rated by AUDIT-SC

  • Destiny Token Smart Contract Passed.
  • Destiny Masterchef Smart Contract Passed.
  • Destiny TimeLock Smart Contract Passed.
OUR Opinion on Destiny by sandman finance

The Destiny Token project is marked as a safe project by AUDIT-SC. Our conclusion is that the Smart Contracts do not contain any critical concerns. We have done several scans and manually reviewed every line of code in the smart contracts that were provided by Sandman Finance.

Smart Contracts that are audited by AUDIT-SC

DestinyToken: 0x214188993b36bD8cD15f805Adee9eb49fD80BA74
MasterChef: 0x06Aeddc58d6148ECF2F199Bd0f57876e5f94Bcb8
TimeLock: 0x7C9d08B8e327FbB6f8F9A6Dd0244885AA8bEeAfe

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