Doge Punks Smart Contracts Audit Review

Reviewed and audited by AUDIT-SC

Smart contracts rated by AUDIT-SC

  • Doge Punks Smart Contract Failed.
  • Doge Punks Business Logics Failed
  • Overall Audit Conclusion: Failed
OUR Opinion on Doge Punks NFT

As of the moment the aforementioned publication was made by the DogePunks team, we deem their claims beyond uneducated: they are flat-out lies.

The unethical circumstances in which the events leading up to their announcements transpired leave no room for any conclusion but to say that the misguiding and deceptive statements are done with the full knowledge of them being so.

We condemn misleading investors in the strongest of terms and take strong exception to ethics that the core team of DogePunks has been lacking. For failing to uphold their own claims and deceiving their community, we strongly advise against investing in DogePunks at the time of this writing.

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